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bynikosdion, September 16, 2011
ACL Manager
I seldom write reviews on other developers' products, but ACL Manager is truly the cat's meow! It is exactly what is missing from Joomla! 1.7's ACL: a birds-eye view of ACL restrictions. Instead of having to go to countless components, click on the Options button, play around with the settings, Save, rinse and repeat to get the ACLs correctly, I can simply use ACL Manager. The way the information is presented makes it abundantly clear what is going on, something which isn't always the case with Joomla!'s own ACL editor.

Anyone else out there wanting to create a non-trivial Joomla! site, relying on ACLs for view and management control, don't think twice. ACL Manager is THE tool for this job and the price is very cheap, considering the huge time savings you get.

Well done, Sander!

Full disclosure: I personally know Sander and I was given a free copy of the extension as soon as it went live. However, everything I've written above is my honest opinion after having used the component on two sites (one test site and one real site I'm building).
I was searching high and low for a quality native Joomla! forum component. I have pretty much tried all of them, yet have serious woes which made me ditch them, or seriously want to. Not with Ninjaboard. The back-end interface is as simple as it should be and no simpler than that. Setting up a multi-category, multi-forum board is a matter of 15 minutes max. The front-end is just amazing. The Chameleon skin succeeds where everyone else failed: it seamlessly integrates with your site.

There are a few rough corners but, in all fairness, not only it is an early 1.0.RC5 but speaking with the developer made me feel absolutely confident that they'll be ironed out very soon.

This is THE forum component, if you ask me. Very well done!
bynikosdion, July 5, 2010
If you're not serious about content management, don't even download K2, it's not for you. If you are and you're willing to invest a few hours today to save weeks of your time in the long run, K2 is perfect for you.

K2 is one of the most mature content management components for Joomla!. It does have a steep learning curve, mostly due to the sheer amount of options (and a somewhat disorganised documentation section). However, investing time in it will most certainly pay back! Each of those daunting options will quickly become your best ally to building a news site, your documentation section, a downloads directory, an e-shop, ... You name it, K2 can do it!

I was a skeptic when I first tried it. Now, I can't imagine building any kind of site without K2. The fact that this extension won the J.O.S.C.A.R. award at J and Beyond 2010 just speaks for itself.
bynikosdion, November 19, 2008
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Once I learned about it and began using it I started to wonder how could I ever code without it! It is absolutely the best tool to gain insight on your code without ugly calls to var_dump() and die() or rolling your own log files. It is also much, much more intuitive than PHP-level debuggers, like XDebug.

I recommend it without hesitation or second thought to every Joomla! developer.