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bynirielizher, May 30, 2014
Simple Picture Slideshow
Just what I was looking for. Simple to install, working in a minute. Congrats! and a big thanks for making our life simpler (the joomla developers are super!) I use it in a site for nonprofit purposes trying to bring a bit more of God into the world. So, Thanks!
bynirielizher, May 24, 2009
I was nervous because I'm new and did not want to mess my joomla (which I love). This Calendar was dulcito to install, easier than I though, complete, totally joomla style. The situations were being solve by themselve just following joomla logic. It does even more than I expected. A big thank you to the people who developed it. I know very well how hard it is to make something work and then others don't even notice. A+