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bynishababy, November 18, 2013
It will help a lot in development. I am also thinking to store the variables in database for comparision of variables stored at different point of time.
Keep going !
Owner's reply

Thank you! That was a very fast feedback on such a new extension.
Saving in db? Great idea, is on the list now:-)

bynishababy, September 25, 2013
Most feature rich in all those who give power to display data from mysql. Going to explore multi-table capability today which I dont get with other components.
Authors, Thanks for helping community.
bynishababy, June 19, 2013
Easy Source Component
Working on this and going to build a component using my files currently running stand-alone outside of joomla framework but on joomla site
bynishababy, July 14, 2012
Very good features, installed one one site. I needed all these features.
Component Content Control
Very nice ACL through this.

I do not wish just to stop at 'Public' or 'Registered view'. Since joomla can have other categories UNDER 'Registered', I want few things to be available for specific sub-category of 'registered' lot. e.g. I have 'Registered-New', 'Registered-Approved' members. New entry creation button of component I am using have no ACL to prevent creation of new entry for New members. I want to achieve it through this.
bynishababy, February 24, 2012
Zh GoogleMap
The developer must be crazy about maps indeed to put so many things in a component and plugins.

You will need a very long time to understand lot of things about maps and to bundle it for public and give it away needs so much generosity from the developer.

Many thanks.
Owner's reply

I'm not crazy :), I just learn technologies, JavaScript, CSS and etc.
And there is a good point to check this.
If you like it, just support my developments :P

bynishababy, November 25, 2010
Articles get less rating on search engines as they will not have metatags. You can define them manually during article submission but where you have live site with many articles, you can not keep up with this work on regular basis. This plugin will take over that work nicely and help you get your articles listed in search properly.

Thanks for this plugin.
bynishababy, November 24, 2010
Seems powerful enough to me. It is a new way of adding things to article. However I am yet to make any complex use on the article (Plugin authors: your link to tutorials goes to 404, please correct so that we can see examples).

Why plugin and not component: Authors must be left to take their design decisions. Users can report only usability and their liking here.
Owner's reply

Thanks...the broken link is fixed. Also, if you would like to see some more complex examples, please take a look at the Quick Start page for the gCalMarkup extension which uses sdMacros extensively: (

bynishababy, November 21, 2010
Core Design Magic Tabs
Oh using this plugin is sooo confusing!

I tried all tab various after installation. All are so BEAUTIFUL I am not yet decided which one to use for my main content page. Other tabs I have used until now appear stone age versions after I used this one.

There are other membership modules/plugins on their site but luckily this one is freeee.. My site is not commercial otherwise I will not hesitate to pay for download.

Admins, for future versions also pleaseeee keep this one free.
bynishababy, July 23, 2009
I had installed SOBI before reviewing. I was looking for category specific user defined fields and this has implemented it full power. When you add new field, you can select categories by name those will display this field. Simple yet effective. In SOBI I chosen to add new field (after turning on category specific fields in other config), I could not see at all where to specify affected category for this new field.

This also has ready modules just to upload and activate which lets you publish Adsmanager menu, Adsmanager Ads, AdsManager Search. However, plugins install for Gmap plugin and Youtube plugin generates error that it could not find XML file. (in their latest version also). I am sure it will be worked on soon.

My site have working forms now to let people publish ads.
Owner's reply

How did you try to install the gmap and youtube plugin ? You need to install them via the plugins menu of adsmanager not via joomla plugins