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bynkellert, January 2, 2013
SoundCloud Master
I bought this approximately an hour ago. Product is as shown still playing around with it. Seems that you have some play with colors and layout. Not a whole lot of soundcloud modules, extensions, or plugins out there to choose from yet. So, if your looking for a nice one that is well coded...this is the one to get.

What I would like to comment on more than anything is this companies FAST support. I mean VERY VERY fast. When I purchased the extension it sent a link to my email and added a download button to my profile on their site. The issue came that the file I downloaded was 0 bytes. I submitted a support ticket rather frustrated. However, I was blown away that they responded instantly and had me taken care of within minutes! They where very helpful and just happened they where doing an update right when I tried to download the file.

Even if their product was sub-par...which it isn't...I would recommend this company for their fast response and great service alone!