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bynma, July 26, 2011
Migur Title
It's very good to improve SEO. Not too many options, but useful!!

Many thanks
bynma, April 9, 2011
YJ Piecemaker
Well done!

Kinda of hard at beginning, then i remeber (RTFM), and it was all there. It would be greta to parameter the image source.

It's great, and really fast :D
For most of the free components for comments, this one is the most powerfull and as simple as three click away.

Smooth show, and it works really nice =)

Dont try just... Use IT!!!

Thanks developers =)
bynma, March 30, 2010
Power Mail
What can we say?
One upraising of the older MMS Blog, with more features. Nice work done!!
LL update site, and testing for some bug/delays.

Many thanks, and keep g00d work
bynma, February 25, 2010
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
Hi folks, for a long time i'm working wih MAMBO (1st), and changed last year to Joomla.

This Module, is a kick ass!!! If you have great design skills, this module, can make the diference.

Not hard to config, and amazing tool to get a dynamic site.

Haven't yet checked code, but give it a chance!!!
5 stars!!!