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bynmcleod, April 3, 2008
I tried every single add-on purporting to work in J! 1.5 Legacy and got error messages or they were inappropriate for my needs. All I wanted was a simple horizontal text menu which I could set a few parameters for and guess what? This Module delivered and some!

Although advertised as working in the older version of Joomla!, I was pleasantly surprised when I installed and configured this extension to find it embedded seemlessly without any error messages and provide exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to configure and with a multitude of changeable parameters, it would surely fit the needs of website owners more often than not.

So, we have a situation here where some developers are stating that their Menu systems are compatible with J! 1.5 Legacy (when they clearly aren't) and an older Menu system that makes no such claims but actually works in the laets version of Joomla! The irony of it, eh?

Anyhow, I highly commend the developer for producing a Module that can withstand the test of technological changes in Joomla! software.

If the developer is reading this, you may want to check this out so that you don't undersell yourself and your excellent Module.
bynmcleod, March 27, 2008
Very slick, highly configurable and working ever so well on J! 1.5 Legacy! Keep up the great work!