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bynniiccoollee, March 29, 2012
Installed and running in my 2.5.3 site in under 5 minutes.

Some other reviewers have mentioned trouble with styling, but I only needed minimal modification. Other reviewers also mentioned that the navigation wasn't displaying where expected, but I found that with proper set-up of global article parameters and menu link parameters, I had no trouble at all. Another great tip - use a language file override to change "previous" and "next" references.

Thanks for this awesome free extension!
Joes Word Cloud
Since there are only two tag components available for Joomla 1.6 (as of today anyway), I decided to give Joe's Word Cloud a shot. I'd previously dismissed it because it's a module and I was hoping for a component that would let editors manually enter tags. After a painless installation and enabling it as a module in a footer module position beneath the article, I now realize I have found the perfect solution.

There are some added benefits of using Joe's Word Cloud too! The module generates the tags from the content (as opposed to generating from the article's metadata) so our editors don't have to worry about this extra step. It also alleviates the mass confusion presented by developing a standardized list of keywords. And the final benefit? It's FREE! What more can I say except, thanks Joel Lipman!

One small feature request though: add RSS feeds for tags. Otherwise my tag headaches are finally gone!
Owner's reply

Hi nniiccoollee,

Thanks for the review! The module was intended for minimal setup. As a webdeveloper equipped with notepad, I've always envied Joomla developers who can create websites overnight complete with user forums and content management. I'm not a fan of extensions that take an age to setup because I find these defeat that purpose. So this one does it all automatically. Even included the style overrides because I'm that lazy! For any questions, comments, suggestions please visit my website and maybe search the questions already asked just in case yours have already been covered.

Thanks again,


bynniiccoollee, February 2, 2011
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GK Weather
I used this module on a site for a bait shop and it installed effortlessly. Configuration was a little tricky, but if you read the documentation, you'll find any quirks to be easily fixable. (Hint: surround your location text with quotes.)

It looks great installed and the road map for the Joomla 1.6 version looks really cool.

Gavick extensions are always well-maintained and have great functionality.
bynniiccoollee, February 25, 2010
Installation/configuration: Fast and easy
Functionality: Works better than the last Add This module I tried!
Customization: Awesome set of options

Final word: This module is worthy of downloading, rating, reviewing, and even donating! GET ONE!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the kind words nniiccoollee!

Some time soon I will release a plugin version of ValAddThis, that will have the same functionality as the module and all the extras of a Joomla plugin ;-)

Stay tuned!

bynniiccoollee, June 20, 2008
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I just installed Chrono Forms and built a form submitting to a database, in under 15 minutes. I've even turned it over to a non-technical editor already. Excellent install, features, and functionality. Love it!