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bynobodyfamous, May 10, 2013
Akeeba Backup
It took me a little while to get this all figured out - not that it is difficult!

Now I know I can depend on this backup/restore 100%. I use it more often to migrate from local to testing to production servers! Just awesome!
bynobodyfamous, May 10, 2013
Authentication - EMail
Simple, Works, Free. This truly should be part of the Joomla core! I hate the requirement of a unique username, my email IS unique!!!
bynobodyfamous, July 12, 2012
did just what it advertised, and was free! All I wanted more was to be able to choose the log out redirect page, so I added the option, and sent it to the developer.

Thanks, simple and great!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your very useful enhancement to the component. The ability to specify a page to redirect to upon logout has been added to QuickLogout 1.8.0. Thanks again!

bynobodyfamous, July 12, 2012
This is a great events calendar and is very intuitive to use. Had a small permissions bug, but the developer without any complaint took the time to investigate the issue and released a fix.

The backend configuration could use a little clean up and organization, but for something that is free it is really superb and a great pice of work.

It is built properly allowing language & template overrides to be easily done!
bynobodyfamous, July 12, 2012
I have used this extension in a few different times now and it works flawlessly. Built on MooTools! thats a huge bonus! Lots of great easy to use and understand customization options.

Very well laid out!
bynobodyfamous, June 18, 2012
Include Component
Install it, add syntax, it works. . . mostly.

No doubt, this is a very complicated thing to accomplish, and no doubt, bugs and funny situations will creep up.

I have a few funny things happening, but still am very happy with this. surprised to see it is the only one for 2.5
bynobodyfamous, June 18, 2012
OpenX Single Page Call
I have been using OpenX for some time as a personal banner rotator on non-Joomla sites. I currently use onRamp, but had my own hosted solution before.

Please remember that changes made in OpenX (especially on ramp) take time to trickle down through the web.

Setup took carful reading as you need to make sure you are grabbing the right links/numbers. There could be a touch extra documentation within the extension it's self, but truly is very simple.

Works great, maybe better then OpenX's own. (I choose this one as it is for 2.5)

Very happy customer!
bynobodyfamous, June 18, 2012
Simple File Upload
Looks like a great extension. I couldn't get it to work. Tried working with the various "debug" jQuery options to no avail.

I wish more extension authors would use MooTools, but beggars cant be choosers.

It was free so I won't complain. I also did not pursue help. May give this another whirl later.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear you couldn't get it working... :(

9 out of 10 requests for help I get is related to jQuery (which you seem to suspect). I have included options to turn off jQuery loading and "no-conflict" handling in the options.
As many developers include jQuery inline there is also an option to include the dependencies for SFU as inline.

Mootools is great but unfortunately it lacks some functionality I need and the thick-box is quite limited...

I try to help out as best I can and I am sorry to see you didn't even bother contacting me before giving up...

Well, I hope you find something that works for you and if you want to give SFU a shot I am here to help...


bynobodyfamous, May 29, 2012
Social Sharing
Well, it was free, and works. What more can you ask for. . . documentation, yup has that too.

One thing I do not like is that you must configure this via the plugin, and insert it via a module. But I can deal with this.

The setup does take awhile, because you need to setup users, apps, keys etc with Facebook, Google, Twitter. This is required by Facebook, Google, etc and can not be avoided by the developer. They do however provide great step by step instructions with screen shots. I had no idea what I was doing (ok, just a little) and got it up and running in about 30 minutes.

I do have one issue with login redirecting to the home/root page, when it "should" just stay put on the page. The issue seems to be related to the lack of trailing "/" on the SEF URL's

I am very satisfied with this extension