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bynoelj07, January 9, 2013
Phoca Gallery
This component was just ok. The workflow for adding multiple images is terrible. When you go to add multiple images you have to either create new folder to put your new images into or your images will be uploaded into the normal folder along with your other images. Then you have to select the images you just uploaded among the images that were already there in order to place them in their respective gallery. So if you already have ton’s of images this can be ridiculous. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the folder section at the bottom of the multiple upload. It would be really easy to just select the category you want to upload and click save.
Owner's reply

Hi, I don't understand what you want to say with your subject.

I have many times explained (just look at the phoca site) why users decided to have independent database and filesystem layer. If you will read this explanation, you will understand which advantages the feature you have mentioned has.

Anyway really don't understand if such feature (only one small part of different possibilities how to add images to Phoca Gallery) can be the reason for "two star rating"

Multiple Add feature was added by one community member to Phoca Gallery as feature which should other users help to add images to system faster and easier and since beginning it was appreciated by many other users.

I didn't make this feature so I can say (without loosing objectivity) that your two star rating is based on not understanding this feature.

The folder section is primarily a "file manager" function and if you don't like this feature, of course, you don't need to use it.

"It would be really easy to just select the category you want to upload and click save."

You just select (with one click) one folder (or more to make the work faster) and it will be automatically translated to category and all its subfolders will be automatically translated to subcategories and all files will be translated to thumbnails - all this goes on automatically.

Unfortunatelly Multiple Upload feature does not make any sense without listing folders :-( ... the same like using Total Commander does not make any sense without listing folders and files :-(

PM: If you really want to use Phoca Gallery and you really want to change some feature then please visit Phoca site and add feature request list into the forum. Or visit UserVoice server to vote the changes. This will motivate me or other community members to see such feature and check what can be done in this area.

I or other community members, we are listening to all ideas and all critical feedbacks (because critics move the project forward) but the critic should be discussed in the forum (and explained why e.g. some feature works like it works) but it is hard to listen to some idea which is made from beginning with bad intention on other server than developer/user site :-(

To all users: please if you want some feature should be improved in Phoca extension or changed, visit Phoca site and write it direclty to me or to community members. Saying it to other users who don't have any chance to change - this will not help anyone - you never get that something will change and I or other community member will never get the motivation to see this feedback objectively. :-( :-(

SerrBiz Forms LT
SerrBiz Forms is not only a great form, but it's the best Lean Generation component for Joomla. The form is integrated into Virtuemart's "ask a question about this product" section and works great for my dealership site. Now I can pass leads to my sales team seamlessly. Great product! Thanks
bynoelj07, January 5, 2010
K2 is exactly what I needed for displaying products that had certain products attached to it. I tried using VirtueMart with the product type functionality but it never seemed to work for automatically adding a product to a product type list. But k2 has amazing functionality for adding extra fields to a product category. And it is really easy to change!!!Thanks
bynoelj07, March 4, 2008
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
Ok... so i was pretty skeptical about a full site backup and if it would be as easy as they were stating. Everything was very smooth and worked flawlessly! It took me about 30 min to transfer my site to a completely different location; and most of that time was in the time it took to ftp the backup to the new location! This component is worth every penny! Thanks