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bynohurry, October 2, 2014
JB Article Seo Checklist
I stumbled across this tool whilst listening to a google hangout broadcast and immediately went and bought it. I had some initial difficulty which turned to be related to the .htaccess rules I had created using AdminTools. This was easily solved by adding an exception rule to the relevant directory "plugins/system/jbaseoc". The Developer Yusuf was very helpful and reacted very fast to my request for help.
Great Tool, Great Support.
Thanks Yususf
bynohurry, June 2, 2014
Add Custom CSS
Does exactly what it says. I have to do a lot of customising and this is a very useful tool.
Thanks a lot.
bynohurry, April 29, 2014
Google Maps by Reumer
I've used Mike's plugin for years and it has been completely reliable and easy to use.
The only time I had any trouble, Mike was ready to help - fortunately I found the problem myself; it was me :-)
I'd recommend this plugin to any and everyone. Thanks Mike!
bynohurry, December 18, 2010
Admin Tools
Nicolas has done it again! Just installed the new version of admin tools pro and all the additional items that I do for security are now built into one tool: changing admin ID, changingin the database prefix, etc. etc.
This component really will make life simpler for me and harder for hackers! Great stuff! Nicolas
bynohurry, July 9, 2009
having searched all over the place for a contact form which used a numeric captcha form, I was beginning to think I had to give up. And then I tried this component.
It is a very nice on, with a lot of features, nice layout and the ability to customise in almost every respect.
However it didn't generate numeric captchas. After the exchange of a couple emails, Alexandru Dobrin, the developer, enabled it to do this, by exchanging the text file for a numric one. Using a random generator site, I created a list of 500 random numbers which I put into the word lists, saved each one with the apropriate ISO name - eg - ar.txt for Arabic and ru.txt for Russian and that now provides a purely numeric captcha that can be used with any keyboard which also has 0-9 on it.

So, not only a great component, but great support and help from the developer. Fantastic!
bynohurry, July 6, 2009
Looking for a way to populate a site with regularly updated news? This is it.

Instead of the standard RSS Feeds which provide a list of items, this really neat component turns the feeds into articles of any predefined length, with or without images and allows you to add your own advertising blocks as well, all this in selectable categories to which you create, for example, a blog link.

I really like this component, and the developer, Mathias, is really helpful when things go wrong!

I will use this component in any site I build which requires rich content. Great stuff!
bynohurry, December 8, 2007
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Phoca Gallery Plugin
I've been looking for something to add an album to a 1.5 site for a while and nothing seemed appropriate. It's a site for a school which wants to show the individual pix of their graduates.

This plugin works so simply and easily, to gether with a component that is a treat to use - uncomplicated, does the business!

One feature that is missing, but Jan has assured me that this coming soon, is that currently no caption can be added. As soon as this feature gets added, my rating for this plugin and component go to 5!

Jan - the developer - is very responsive to any issues. I have exchanged messages with him online and solved some issues I had, with his generous help, within a very short period. Great support, Jan! Thanks!