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bynolik, November 23, 2011
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Pro Magic Audio Player
1. If you intend to use it in a Pop-Up mode: be advised that, if you intend to use more then one Pop-Up player on your site (same page, or different pages = no matter) player will STOP playing when you click second (third…) button for the player in Pop-Up mode. It will try to open the same pop-up window (already opened), which is normal, but it will send the Pop-Up window to a back + music will Stop until you click this damm pop-up window again. As a minimum you will have to locate this pop-up window in your Browser Tabs, but it could be difficult. Player will not play until you find this pop-up window and bring it on top.
It is pretty Obvious situation, and I do not understand, why developer just left this untouched…

2. Almost no support from the developer.

PS: I purchased this extension, but now I have to study Java programming in order to fix this stupid issue….
Owner's reply

We're sorry to see that you are having a problem with our product. Please allow me to explain :

1. Currently, we do not have any customers that uses or wants to use the pop-up version of the player to open more than once instance. It makes no sense having 2 or more players playing at the same time. Of course, by request this can be done, but we have not received a feature request from you. Your complaint is about something that's not part of the advertised features.

2. That's not true. You've asked us to help you create an "auto pop-up" function that will launch the player after entering the page with the published player automatically. I've sent you the javascript code and instructions on how to use it and have also warned you about the problems this might imply, 48 hours ago.

I'm sorry to see that your feedback is based on buyers remorse for something that is not supported.
Each and every support question is answered and we try our best to provide fast and accurate answers.

bynolik, November 21, 2011
Small and light. Does not eat CPU resources. The best for backgroung music. Be aware of using large and massive MP3 files - that could interrups smooth playing when changing pages. If you are looking for playlist support and operation, i'd probably recomend another product. This product is for a smooth backgroung music for an entire site.