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bynonki212, December 8, 2011
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great etention
try it for free, it works great.
thank you
bynonki212, November 14, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
thank you for the great ext.
i needed like a day to try to understand how it works.
for those who have problem to understand here is how i made it work.

you need to upload the images that you want to the root of mavik Thumbnails:
then simply add HTML code to disply the image.
the image that will be disply, just give height and width to the image to make it smaller.
then HREF it to the same image.
if u do this, it will work perfect
bynonki212, May 24, 2009
Hi all
i just wanted to share my experience with artio.
i am dealing with joomla for awhile, never had problems with codes or extentions.
artio is purly delet bad review and keep only the good once.
i have paid them the full amount, and artio gave me major problems, and didnt work as expected, though they didnt help, they want you to pay another 100e or so for help, wich my friend did, and still didnt get any suport.
Owner's reply


I think this is a very strong accusation with no evidence or details given. What means "artio gave me major problems"?
For thousands of users, the software works exactly as expected. So either you had false expectations or there is another problem you have.

JoomSEF is quite complex component and integration with some 3rd party components may be not easy sometimes. That however does not mean it does not work as supposed.

"want you to pay another 100e" what for a nonsense is this? If we indicated you problem is caused due to specific configuration of yours or your site, then I think it is fair to ask the extra work that need to be done to be paid.