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bynontekkyguy, June 17, 2011
Virtue Affiliate
The script does not work with every cart and the developer will try to upsell the more expensive affiliate script. Note that the one listed DOES NOT work with any shopping cart, but only virtumart. Also it is NOT for affiliateships based on tangible orders which the developer did not have on his website. I cannot recommend this product at all. Buyer beware especially since the reseller takes advantage of Paypal's intangible goods non-refund policy.
Owner's reply


First of all you didn't purchased Virtue Affiliate but J Multitier which is a completely different product so your review is placed in the wrong section, J Multitier has a different page on JED. We kindly recommended to upgrade for Virtue Affiliate by paying only the difference(20 euro), when we could've ask you to pay again for the whole product (50 euro).

Second of all, none of our products (and you can check each page from our website) doesn't work with all shopping carts ( this is basically impossible if we are thinking how many shopping carts exists out there).

Also, your review has nothing related with any of our products features, is just your false opinion about and PayPal policies.

bynontekkyguy, June 20, 2010
Encrypt configuration
For Joomla 1.5 this is one of the best and most necessary components out here! Kudos.
bynontekkyguy, October 24, 2009
Ignite Gallery
This component needs lots of work. Many bugs in the latest version 2.1. which the developer needs to address now as opposed to 6 months later (when most folks subscriptions will expire). It's a nice way to make money, but kind of unfair to charge 40.00 while having customers test a buggy component on their live sites. Support in the forum is intermittent. Many posts go unanswered which is not a good sign. Also many presales questions get deleted which is a red flag. This component has great potential, but the developer needs to work out the bugs before selling it at such a high price for a six month subscription to unsuspecting customers. It's probably worth it to go with other gallery components that are non-commercial as this should be until it is stable!
Owner's reply

I don't know specifically what bugs nontekkyguy is referring to, so I can not reply to that complaint. If there is a specific bug that is causing a problem, and a support request is made, we will investigate it, including (if nescessary) logging into the customers site and testing to find out what is causing the error, and giving instructions for how to apply a fix.

For support, you are welcome to look in the public part of the support forum for yourself, to see how quickly we answer questions. You will see there are no unanswered questions. On weekdays we answer support questions throughout the day.

bynontekkyguy, June 24, 2008
The developers of this plugin should address the # Unable to decompress data issue that I and no doubt many others have experienced simply trying to install the 1.5 version of this plug-in. A thread was started by another user several weeks ago but has not been addressed. This has the potential to be a nice plug-in but this major issue keeps that from happening!
Owner's reply

These files were updated over a week ago. Please try again. Thanks.

bynontekkyguy, April 10, 2008
Phoca Gallery
I'm using the latest version of Phoca gallery with Joomla 1.5. The problem I have with it is that once installed,loaded with photos, the gallery thumbs/folders show well on the page, but once clicked the next page shows no photos nor any site template. I've tried using various templates but it's not the site templates. I tried using the 2 Phoca gallery templates and the problem persists. I get a blank white page with a menu on the left, no modules, nothing and no photos. Everything is published. Is there a missing plugin or something? I'd rate this higher but cannot considering the problems with it.
Owner's reply

Hi, if you have some problems, which can be caused e.g. by SEF or not correctly URL creating, or... please visit the Phoca Gallery Forum