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There is a lot I really like about this extension. It installed easily without a hitch. Nice and clean admin interface.
But, to be viable for me personally here is my wishlist:
* Better English Translation (this looks like a 'google translate' translation).
* More options in 'configuration'. Fields are too limited. Would like to be able to add custom fields or remove the ones I dont wish to use.
* Would love to be able to import areas/towns etc, from a spreadsheet or similar. Will take a long time to input one at a time.

I do hope this project is still being actively developed and I look forward to seeing future releases. I have not been able to find a commercial version of this, if it exists, I'd be interested in a demo if the above were met.

I can appreciate the work the author has put into this and sincerely thank him for releasing it to the community for free. I think it's a great starting point for what could be a very nice component for Joomla!. Indeed I look forward to tinkering with it.
bynoohoo, June 21, 2010
Have tried a number of Private messsaging systems around for Joomla, this is the best. No issues at all and intergates well with CB. Sadly many of the ones that claimed to integrate, didn't so as easily.
bynoohoo, June 21, 2010
I have been using this photogallery for some time and deployed it on a number of Joomla! sites without a hiccup. Can't fault it. Installs easily, runs well - can't ask for more.
bynoohoo, May 8, 2009
Shape 5 Weather
I tested this on a local installation of J1.5 and it worked a treat, looked nice, data correct, looked really promising.
Installed on a live server (live site) and it didn't work at all, same version of Joomla and I'm stumped!
Component name showed up in the layout, but nothing else, completely blank. I did nothing differently, so no idea why it wont work on the live site. Would really, love to get this working as it's a component I have been asked for and this one on the test site was definately the best.
bynoohoo, August 9, 2008
Akeeba Backup
I love this extension, easy installation, configuration and my first back up made within about 2 minutes.
Thanks to the developers for such a great extension.
Not had to use the restore facility, but if the install and config is anything to go by, should be a breeze.