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bynortheast, December 10, 2013
JJ Social Slider
this is a very easy to use extension , very good looking, and does the job perfectly . big THANK YOU to the people behind developing it
bynortheast, December 10, 2013
Mosets Tree
Hi i'm not a css guru or a professional web developper ,please keep that in mind when you read this review .
i bought MT to use with J3 as a multi directory extension because it is advertised with this qualities .

MT is not J3 compatible , well you can install the component and that is as far as it can go , their kinabalu template is not compatible with J3 (it is compatible with j2.5 though ) meaning you cant use Mt with J3 .i call this misleading advertisement.

also you will find it very hard to set it up as a multi directory extension . plus the absence of documentation and the extra slow support you'll get for the huge price you'll pay is very frustrating , please read the many negative reviews here and the tons of non answered questions in their forum before making you decision.