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bynorthernlights, October 13, 2010
Social Slider
The icons and jQuery movement look great. I just wish that there was more ability to control where the icons appeared onscreen (especially as module position seems to be irrelevant).

Personally I wanted to be able to position the icons relative to the content sides and keeping a minimum definable amount of distance from the page top and bottom.

If you don't mind it keeping a large space from the top of the page and only being definable x pixels from the left/right of the window edge, then this may still be for you.
Owner's reply

We have just made an update that gives you more control over the layout as well as the javascript. Hope this is what you were looking for.

mavik Thumbnails
No adding class names. No limitations on size or shape of your thumbnails. No fugly text hanging outside the picture frame. No editing code of any description.

Just install (via Joomla), insert an image (via Joomla) and resize to a smaller size (in the article editor via Joomla, just as you'd do now). In short, do *nothing* any differently than how you do it now... except you get beautiful slimbox displays of the images in your article - automatically.

I'm in love with this extension!
bynorthernlights, May 14, 2009
We have a site with 6 digit numbers of content pieces, thousands of users requiring simultaneous login across forums, a Virtuemart store and Joomla.

jFusion does an amazing job of this incredibly complex task with not much more than a little tweaking of the odd plugin settings page. Doing this without hacking core files of any app, *and* providing excellent support and a rapidly developing code base makes this the most exciting open source project I've seen since Joomla first emerged.

If ever there was a project that deserved praise, use and yes, financial contribution, kids, this is it.