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bynosredna000, December 6, 2011
We used Breezing forms to build 3 different ordersheets on our website. One of them in particular has around 100 questions/answers so this is quite a lengthy process. What happens for us is the form will just randomly drop fields over the course of a week. What makes matters worse is we do not realize the field has been dropped until we fill a order wrong. The company believes its a third party module (Facebook like slider)which I entertained the idea and removed that from the pages that had anything to do with the Breezing Forms. The forms still drop fields randomly and over the course of about a week. When I say drop fields I mean the option to have them there is completely gone and you have to completely remake the form field to get it back. I hate to tell you guys but I bet we have an easy 20 hours in just rebuilding ordersheets over and over again. I'm very frustrated and hate that I wasted my money on this extension. This has been by far the worse extension we have ever gotten.
Owner's reply


I think you are mixing up a few things:

* First of all, you encountered a bug that has already been fixed weeks ago (copy bug)

* You received a simple solution from our support team, how to fix the forms and that solution was surely not to re-build your entire forms

* I don't know any ticket from our ticket system were we connect this bug with Facebook

Well, you have your opinion but you are seriously mixing up facts here.

However, Merry Christmas Time!


bynosredna000, November 18, 2011
Very nice little facebook image module! Works great and support is fantastic. We love it!