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bynotnoisy, September 26, 2013
Simple Image Gallery
We have tried the Pro version. I would expect the Pro version to be better/more feature complete than the free version.
Although it has a fancy interface and the install is a no-brainer, it lacks even the simplest of functions. No paging makes it less than useful for galleries with more than 10 or so images. The main image is not centered, I can not change the background colour, I can not control how many thumbs are displayed per row, thumbs are not filling the boxes they are in so there are large empty spaces around them, etc. Although you could hack around in code/CSS to fix this, I expect more for something you pay for and that calls itself "Pro". Also, be aware that the license is non-refundable no matter what the reason is, even if the thing doesn't work at all.
bynotnoisy, November 13, 2011
The text of pages are displayed well, and graphics too, but it shows the wrong menus, modules disappear completely and all in all it is useless for a normal joomla site like ours.

Installed it, tested and tossed it out again. The users are better off just browsing the standard site.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for taking your time to review.

Desktop and mobile use cases are not the same. Often, menus to be displayed on mobile are different than on desktop. In order to offer such flexibility, we have easy to follow instructions on how to setup mobile menus so that you can tailor your mobile site based on your needs.

Above fact and use cases also apply to modules and other components. For this reason we offer growing number of extensions for each module/component, so that you would be able to mobilize your site in the best possible way for your visitors.