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bynoxidsoft, November 28, 2013
Many thanks again to Geraint and the team for maintaining such a great extension. These folks are always responsive to serious questions posed about JEvents and they have continually helped me fashion this flexible events register to what I need for my client(s). I can highly recommend JEvents to both the novice and expert Joomla user/developer.
bynoxidsoft, September 4, 2013
I have used DOCman for a number of years, actually since the Joomla 1.0 days. I have pushed it into school sites that cater to 10's of teachers and hundreds of students, continually upgraded it on local and state government websites, all with the expectation this tool would deliver on robust and consistent delivery of files and usability. I have come back to use it time and again. You can count on this tool, and with the beautiful new design and UI in the RC releases currently available you will find it easy to implement in your own website. Thank you Joomlatools team for continuing the development over the years, I have high hopes for the next iteration :)
bynoxidsoft, April 20, 2012
Issue Tracker
Couldn't get it to play nice with J2.5.4, some white screen of death action on New/Save within component.

Awesome potential, would pay for this when all bugs ironed out. Know local government webmasters that are asking for this type of extension.
bynoxidsoft, October 27, 2011
Great extension folks.

This module installed on J1.7.2 with no problems and does exactly what was advertised.

I use(d) it to insert twitter javascript feeds onto my business website. Saved me all the work.

Much appreciated. Fantastic. Thank you.
bynoxidsoft, March 8, 2011
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I am not afraid to spend good money on an extension that delivers what it says. After trying a number of other extensions from the wild and on the JED, I have to emphatically say that this one works out of the box. I am very happy on the coverage of functionality this extension set offers and will cover our website needs for membership roles over the next few years.

Support is second to none when requested and it's easy to obtain without any cryptic replies. I felt completely safe with this vendor and the support alone is worth the money spent.

This vendor has saved me a lot of personal time on building my own, time that can now be directed at other projects. Thank you.
bynoxidsoft, March 15, 2010
Great extension!

Noxidsoft has been using Fabrik for about 6 month's now and I can't recommend any other application builder for Joomla 1.5. Sure beats hours of from-scratch component/module development that I can spend on other things like dreaming up ideas.

Hope the developers are keen to continue production through into Joomla 1.6.x series?

Excellent job Hugh and the rest of the Fabrik team!