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bynozao, November 23, 2012
Smart Slider 2
Nice module for sure, it works fine with Joomla articles but it does not work with Cobalt Cck too bad
i use it only for joomla article
Owner's reply

Thank you for your request! Cobalt CCK integration added into the Smart Slider. :)

bynozao, July 1, 2012
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Great component, and great support
This component is powerfull
now i'm waiting a mighty touch integration
bynozao, June 16, 2012
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Good and usefull extension especially for business compagnies
thank you
bynozao, May 24, 2012
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My toolbar!
Very usefull and very powerfull
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!

bynozao, April 21, 2012
Excellent component, the most powerfull and the most stable
thank you
bynozao, April 17, 2012
DataSafe PRO
Simply the best component especially if your site has important data
very very usefull
thank you very much
bynozao, September 12, 2011
This component is amazing, well coded and i think, later, it could be better than jseblod or k2
thank you
bynozao, August 10, 2011
Page Analysis
Excellent, very good and very usefull
a MUST HAVE thank you for your good work
bynozao, August 6, 2011
This extention is good but we can not use it with several extensions like Mighty resources.That is not a bug simply, it doesn't work and no plugin exist too bad thank you
Owner's reply

Sorry Mighty resource does not provide a plugin for sh404SEF. Many extensions, though of course not all, do.

However, one thing is for sure: if you cannot have SEF urls with Mighty resource and sh404SEF, you cannot have SEF urls at all, either with Joomla SEF or any other extension.

That's because sh404SEF can directly use plugins for Joomla SEF (router.php files), Acesef and Joomsef.


bynozao, June 4, 2011
Featured Items Pro
this module is perfect especially the new Highlighter Layout and the new rotator layout
thank you very much for this good module
Featured Items Slideshow
this developer is really talented, this module is perfect
bynozao, May 18, 2011
Featured Items Carousel
this module can do everything, very usefull for business website
thank you
bynozao, May 16, 2011
Social Bar
concept of this toolbar is good but we can not load module in this toolbar and we can not post in forum because register form bug in password verify lol
bynozao, May 12, 2011
Very usefull and very great plugin
bynozao, May 11, 2011
very good extension, very usefull thank you
bynozao, May 9, 2011
BuaXua Floating
bynozao, February 25, 2011
Very good extension, good design and very fast
bynozao, April 30, 2010
i use mighty touch on my website (+250000 visitors /month) and integration with mighty touch is really poor so i asked to cometchat team to create an integration (coming soon)
Owner's reply

I am not sure what you mean by Poor integration. JBolo supports mighty touch very well & supports chat lists with mighty touch friends.. If you need further integration, we need to know in what way ! We really appreciate feedback & would love to know what you mean by this..