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bynsteblay, May 30, 2009
Bible Study
I appreciate the work the author has put into this component and will likely use it for my church. It deserves five stars for effort. I dropped down to three stars because of the extensive use of tables. Most Joomla templates are tableless - and for good reason. It's better for SEF, provides more flexibility and makes it easier for the implementer. Also, I would imagine it would be easier the author to code. I would suggest just providing the data elements as a list and the ability to order them using the administration screen. Then provide a style sheet that creates the table view from the list. Users could then easily modify the stylesheet to integrate the component into their site.
Owner's reply

Just an FYI, version 6.1 of Bible Study uses css and richly tagged tables in combination to provide the most flexibility and control over the appearance of the study lists. After much research we decided not to go with a tableless environment as this does not seem to be a best practice.

bynsteblay, April 6, 2009
I am having the same problem as the previous reviewer. Will try again when new version is out.