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bynumbscot, January 25, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I have been running this plugin for quite a while now on my J! 1.5 site. It was very easy to install and configure and the best thing is it just works.

There are so many configuration options, from route finder, placing markers on the map, lightbox the list goes on and on.

However I recently installed a new plugin for displaying video on my site and there was a conflict. Thanks are never that easy are they!

So I contacted the developer of Googlemaps, I expected a reply a day or two later saying he would look into it. Instead I got a reply within a few hours! And what's more a few hours after that I got an email with a new version of the plugin, I installed it and the conflict had been resolved.

Some of the commercial companies out there should try support like this!

A great plugin, great support and FREE!
bynumbscot, January 22, 2008
DPCalendar Lite
I originally installed an older version of GCalendar and unfortunately could not get it to work.

However after seeing version 1.5.0 had been released I decided to install it again, as it was just what I was looking for for my community site. unfortunately I ran into some issues again!

I contacted the developer through the forum on the components website and got an instant reply. Within a couple of hours it turned out I had installed the old version again! #doh#

The new version was installed without error and worked first time. It is really easy to configure and the modules for upcoming events and moduled version of the calendar work great.

I have seen some comments about this just being a wrapper for gCalendar. To an extent your correct, but at the same time your wrong. As I mentioned the modules are really nice and the backend management makes things really simple.

And finally, the support is second to none! Great product highly recommended.