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bynuntius, December 10, 2012
1.5 is a great product. But since everybody had to move to 2.0, it's a mess. Basic features simply don't work. And the development team doesn't respond to complaints or pleads for help. Which is frustrating. I've spends days debugging just to get some basic features working.

I understand you can't get everything right the first time, especially for such a big upgrade of such a complex product. And I understand this product is free, which is great! But I'm having a very hard time explaining all the problems to my clients. And would be happy to pay for support if the option is available.

Please don't ask people to upgrade when this product is not finished. This should still be in a development stage. And causes major headaches in any production environment.

So think twice before using this plugin, or wait another year if possible.
Owner's reply

Hello nuntius, thanks for your feedback. A version vm1.5 was never officially released. I think you mean vm1.1.5? It took us some time to find your 2 posts in the forum. I am quite sure that there was just a misconfiguration, but we work on it so that it is easier to configure, for more read here
The component virtuemart 2 is really very big and has a lot complex features. Most people use only 30% of the features, but of course all people have different 30%. So your problem was just not considered as important for most people. Anyway a fix is on the way, you may read my answer in the forum here

And please consider. The JED is not the correct place to push bugs you wanna have fixed. Virtuemart 2 is a project, not a product. Consider how you can help the project. Thank you.

bynuntius, February 22, 2012
Used this great module on our website because it can display multiple twitter accounts. Something the other modules can't seem to do.
Support is also good and quick!
bynuntius, February 13, 2012
I've spend some hours trying out different plugins and solutions. But this is by far the easiest and best I've come across! A fantastic component, easy to use and fast to set up. Exactly what I was looking for!