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bynupraiz, January 21, 2007
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I have been looking for a good com. to assist the building of forms. I have tried several without luck. This one totally fits the bill though.

Here is one problem that I had...

When I published the form I kept getting this error:

I had the following errors:

1. I copied and pasted the form tags into the component. This isn't necessary because ChronoForms does it for you.

2. I needed to follow this path...
Go to forms management under "Chrono Forms" under "components" in the admin area.

Select New.

type your form name, lets say it will be "myformname".

insert your own HTML code in the HTML code area.

Save the form

go to Menu > mainmenu > then select New

Choose type "Link - URL" then write the URL to be :

I found this solution on the builders site. Now I am in business.