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bynwarren, August 20, 2011
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I'm giving two stars rather than one star because it was my mistake to buy this...I should have made use of the demo site to test the functionality. It's a shame there's no demo site for the pro version though.

If you want plain text only article submission by email, this seems to do the job - it doesn't seem to handle html formated emails well, stripping the code but leaving a few random characters.

I had hoped you could control the category/section choices through codes in the email body or title, but it requires multiple mailboxes if you want to submit to different categories and sections.

The cron job set-up might be a stumbling block for some users...I don't think that's really the fault of this component though, Joomla itself probably needs a scheduling framwework...

The English in the support forums is pretty hard work far as I can understand only the pro version supports collecting emails from Gmail mailboxes (because of the bespoke ports and SSL traffic encryption), but I couldn't get it to successfully import an email from a non-Gmail mailbox, when the email was sent to it from Gmail either...not even when using the developers own test mailbox - it inserted the title but stripped the body text. Gmail seems to encode (not encrypt!!!) the email such that the component can't read it properly. I couldn't seem to explain my issues in simple enough English to find a solution...just kept getting told that encryption wasn't supported and to read the product descriptions

Responses on the forum were quick though, but ultimately I personally found that the level of English was inadequate for my support needs.

It's also worth noting that their licensing policy seems to have changed since the comment below from "Seeraj" - once you've bought the component you're then only allowed two further downloads.

I think it has potential and if your needs are pretty basic, you probably won't be disappointed.

Personally, I was disappointed, but mostly with myself I guess...I could have avoided wasting my money by properly testing the component on the developer's demo site.
OSE Membership™
Had a poor experience with JUGA so checked out the support on MSC and was impressed with the customer feedback. I logged a handful of pre-sales questions on the forums which were all handled swiftly by Helix and went ahead and bought the extension. Admittedly, out of the box it didn't perform as expected on my Windows based host, but the support from Helix has been astounding and I now have a system that will do what I need (ie restrict view/edit/create of content based on group memberships). Having moved to Joomla from DNN I am surprised (disappointed) at how complicated access control is on Joomla, but this is one software development company and extension that get the double thumbs up from me in terms of exceptionally useful tool and out of this world service - and I'm really not usually given to raving about things either!! Nick