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bynwidesigns, September 14, 2014
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
Hands down this is the best thing for creating any sort of slide presentation for Joomla. I use it for everything now and while it does everything great I found the documentation somewhat limiting.

That and the fact I have to go to another site with another login just to get help is why I did not give it full stars. A forum is hands down needed to not only help us to help ourselves but also for those that might be able to help.

It is too bad this developer has created such an out of the way method to provide support, and for me I will suffer and do without rather than take the additional time necessary to open a ticket.

Other than that this is hands down the best slide tool ever created for Joomla!!!
bynwidesigns, October 21, 2013
MP3 Browser
I love it when an extension just works and this one does without any issues. Could not get it to work with YooTheme Zoo items and notified the dev. Hopefully they can get this working but otherwise it is one of my new super tools for Joomla!
bynwidesigns, September 6, 2013
J!WHMCS Integrator
I don’t often feel compelled to write an extension review but it is my pleasure to write about JWHMCS. This along with the other extensions I purchased from GoHigher are of the best quality and while support was a tad slow the end results were nothing short of fantastic. If you are using WHMCS and truly want to compliment it with the power of Joomla this is hands down the best possible solution!
bynwidesigns, August 29, 2013
Network Tools
Easy to install and easy to setup and use. Of course it will only work for servers that you are NOT on since obviously if your server is down you will not have access to the site to see this cool module...;)
bynwidesigns, August 16, 2013
Of all the gallery extensions I have tried this one is by far the best! Easy to work with without all the added garbage that most developers seem to think we need.
bynwidesigns, May 31, 2013
JA Job Board
I am making do with this only because there is nothing else that comes close for Joomla and I am stuck with it. However support is either slow, referencing the poorly written Wiki with no straight answer many times, or they are taking country holidays that they don't live in for the sake of a day off where I note they take the real holiday off and not the observed day that the rest of us took off. To give a plus some of my issues were answered and some of those answers referenced the Wiki which is massive and bloated with information and images from the old board that make it near impossible to trace to the new framework. One would think that some of the cost of this extension would be put back into updating the Wiki to give it more value and so it made more sense.

The price for this is so farfetched it is not even funny and I spent the additional cash thinking that this extension would work because it was so expensive and the saying that you get what you pay for I am finding out is not always the case. A month into this and I am still hammering away trying to get it to function and honestly it is not turning out well at all!

I am spending far too much time correcting poorly written English and country formatting that is completely wonky which is the least of my problems. There are so many things that do not work as advertised and while they do offer a 7 day return, there is no way you are going to see how bad this thing is in 7 days! Really all you have to do is go into the forum for this extension and start reading all the problems to see how bad it really is. Aside from the technical issues the templates for this extension are dated and written with tables and poorly written CSS at that. Coming from a template club this was the last problem I was expecting to find but it is clear that JA Job board is a bridge of some sort and a very poorly hacked one at that.

If you are desperate for this to be in Joomla go for it, but for the price you would be better off finding one of the many free standing job boards out there and going that route. Be warned that the job board does not use the Joomla 2.5 ACL so if you wanted to take advantage of that give it up because you will be sorely disappointed in the lack of personalization you can do with this. I could go on and on about where all this extension fails but I hope you get the point from what I have said here. In hindsight I would not buy this tool for the price they want knowing what I now know of it and honestly it can be forced to work (to a point) but I would not give more than around $100 for it!
bynwidesigns, April 26, 2013
JCH Optimize
Easy to setup and install. I saw an instant 44% speed increase on the first site I installed this on. This is something I would gladly pay for but free is good too..;)
bynwidesigns, February 1, 2013
ACL Manager
This tool picks up where the core left off and gives you the very best way to control ACL on your site. This tool should be part of the core and every site no matter how small could benefit from having this installed!
bynwidesigns, January 20, 2012
I cannot add anything more than has already been said about this awesome tool... Nuff Said;)