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Excellent component. Easily the most flexible available for Joomla, miles ahead of any other.

Of course, no component is good without good support and Cobalt is exception here - the team at Mint Joomla are fantastic, with swift responses to questions, feature requests, etc

There is a learning curve with Cobalt because it is so big, there are so many uses for it - which is perfect because you can use one component for nearly every type of Joomla site.

Highly recommend this component and the developer!!!
WELL DONE JSN!!!! I have followed you guys for a while since Power Admin was in it's early stages and I'm thrilled to not be using this extension. It is still a little on the basic side however still has excellent features!!

Keep up the good work!
bynwrightau, August 28, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
By far one of the highest quality joomla add ons I've ever seen, and it's free!

Everything about this is fantastic, few suggestions though:

- Dragging and dropping of menus is a tad buggy, sometimes you select instead of moving, it can sometimes be hard to drop in the right spot.

- ZOO Support please release a premium version of this that supports zoo!

Excellent overall.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

We are already in progress of rewriting Menu manager from the scratch.

Also we are doing research on supporting k2 and Zoo as well.