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bynycruns, September 17, 2010
CComment Pro
This product has great support by a developer who knows how to talk to clients and get what they need done, something I find hugely important. I look forward to seeing future versions of the product and more from them!
Hello All.

I have been working with JomSocial for just over a year now originally launching my site NYCRUNS.COM with version 1.2, upgrading to 1.5, and now the current version 1.8. In that time I am pleased to say I have developed a good relationship with Azrul, the founder, and Mark, the lead developer.

I can say without a doubt JomSocial is the best value I have ever gotten out of a professional development company. The sheer wealth of functionality JomSocial offers is beyond belief, but if it only offered the events application alone it would be worth it to me. New to version 1.8, I have replaced the poorly aging eventlist with this application and am developing plans to expand it into a custom race registration system, allowing NYCRUNS to really develop a solid revenue stream in 2011 (advertising does not cut it). While this is an extreme example of customization, I have found the product to be truly flexible and it seems one is only limited by their own skills. I say this as a non-coder. I rely on 3rd party developers for more than the most simple css and php hacking.

While I cannot speak with any authority on the difficulties of supporting a user base as diverse as that using JS, I can say that the shear range of customizations they deal with and the difficulties of working with non-native English speakers from all over the world must be incredibly challenging. That said, in my experience they go a long long way for their customers. Their work exceed that of any commercial Joomla company I've worked with, including the excellent RocketTheme, a company I've used for several years. Based on a year's worth of interaction in email and on the message boards, I know they have my back. I can give no higher compliment to a business I work with.

Without reservation, I can say that I think JomSocial is the present and the future of Joomla community and social networking. If you have any questions or just want further insight, feel free to email me at slastoe at gmail dot com. In the meantime, I can't wait to see what JomSocial does next.

Owner's reply

Thank you, Steve. We appreciate your time writing above review.

JomSocial Team