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bynzimas, July 21, 2011
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What? Nothing!
This is one of the best extensions I have recently seem on the JED. And by stating this I am not kidding. Doing nothing is far more functional than reinventing the same social media buttons or cluttered JS menus over and over. Also love the versioning number. Not sure if it is intentional, but I think it's an accurate caricature of the current development fads :) Can't wai for version 14.2.4!
bynzimas, October 29, 2010
JW Player Advanced
I have used many video extensions throughout the years and this is by far the best Joomla implementation of the ubiquitous Longtail JW Player. One may feel overwhelmed by the wealth of features and countless possibilities it offers, but the outcome is well worth the slight learning curve. Rest assure that novices can get started with nearly no knowledge, but the real juice lays in the vast array of settings one can play with when creating more sophisticated displays.
The support provided by the developer is way beyond average. My questions and issue reports get addressed very fast. Furthermore, the developer knows JW inside out and is always willing to help.
All in all, this an absolute must have in those projects where video broadcasting matters.
bynzimas, December 23, 2009
As a CCK veteran i have received Flexicontent with a bit of mistrust at first. A whole afternoon fiddling around was enough to realize that we are before a unique piece of software, meticulously crafted, feature rich *as for a BETA* and with potential beyond my wildest dreams for Joomla 1.5. Unlike Jx Catalog or Mighty Resources, Flexicontent is extremely design friendly, with CSS class allover. In comparison to K2, it renders a very clean and well formatted code.
Another very impressive upside is the built in template system, which one can tame in no time just by following the default templates. The fact that it is seamlessly integrated with Joomla core makes good old com_content useless, while we can still use modules designed to work with it.
We are definitely before one of the most powerful extensions ever written for Joomla. I am seriously considering quiting com_content altogether in future developments. It feels like a downgrade!
bynzimas, September 17, 2008
It addresses a major flaw in the way Joomla 1.5 core handles meta titles. Extremely handy and worth installing on any site.
bynzimas, April 11, 2008
Have used CB JUICE in a couple of major projects with hundreds to over 2000 thousand users each. The whole process is straightforward and bug free.
Just had to convert XLS spreadsheets into CSV files, name and set the headers order properly, upload the CSV file and that was all. Immediately my CB and core Joomla user tables had the pertinent data stored.
I can even update the user data in edit mode every time the CSV file is changed (existing entries can be kept and new ones are added).
The latest version doesn't seem to support MySQL 4, but that's not really a show stopper these days. Highly recommended for time saving developers.
bynzimas, April 8, 2008
If there's something i appreciate about any piece of software is the ability to reuse and refocus it for several different purposes.
With customizable fields, AdsManager has allowed me to turn a "classifieds" script into a neat Job Board. Together with the PCS extension, one is even able to charge fees for ads. Stunning.
Last but not least, ethics. Contrary to a growing tendency among certain 3rd party developers, Thomas puts the GPL compliance banner above immediate profiting. An attitude which is worth praise and gratitude (in the form of a much deserved donation).