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byoaktreem, July 31, 2012
Simple Pop-Up
I was really hoping this extension would work. However, is only able to be embedded within an article not a module and when doing so, disables Yootheme's lightbox - all my images disappeared!
Also, the instructions were unclear, so I was unable to distinguish how to get the popup on page load. A waste of my time.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to have wasted your time...

However I could have helped you in a blink if you'd asked...
As your lightbox uses jQuery there would be a jQuery conflict since Simple PopUp uses FancyBox. There is a setting to turn off jQuery loading for Simple PopUp which would have removed the conflict.
This is also described in my FAQ and in the documentation.

Simple PopUp is a PlugIn and thus built to reside in Articles. You can use the extension "Articles Anywhere" to include it into a module.


byoaktreem, July 13, 2012
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Installed on 2.5.6. When 'copy and select' was 'disabled', half of the content on my site disappeared and ended up in different places. Useless without this function. Had to uninstall.
byoaktreem, June 21, 2012
Go Mylo Countdown Pro
I have been looking for a simple countdown module that isn't flash based for some time. I really should have tried this one sooner, as it allows for great customisation and is incredibly easy to use. Thank you.