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byocaeymaex, August 27, 2010
Extension definitly not ready for showtime.

Potentielly more powerfull than EventList for the gurus among us, if they feel like surfing the forums, modify the code etc. But for the average user like me, it is buggy, pretty much 'work in progress', very often counter-intuitive. The documentation is almost non-existing, and the one that exists is hugely outdated.

I have spent several hours trying to make it work. I have finally given up. Lack of willingness to help in the forums, lack of documentation...

Be aware also that some features of EventList have been removed (no more 'no venue' option, you have to create a blank venue yourself, which has a lot of backdraws), etc.

There is a demo site indeed, not published on their website. No username/password given so half the menu items do not work.
Owner's reply

Its 100% ready to use and its used on sites thats 1000 times bigger than yours with no problems at all.

I think the main problem was you werent willing to listen - we told you that this is _not_ eventlist alot of things are completely reworked and you can alter all of the outputs in redEVENT by using simple tags to decide who you want the views to look.

You sent 7 emails and made 3 forum support questions in 2-3 hours - we answered everything and 2 different people tried to help you myself included.

If you think that other places respond quicker than us i think you got something completely wrong.

But just to clarify - redEVENT works wonders and are used by educational institutions, globalt course and event companies etc. and they are absolutely thrilled with it.

So basically its your loss you werent willing to listen or understand that this is not eventlist but something much much more.

byocaeymaex, January 16, 2010
Profile Pro for Community Builder
It simply doesn't work. Bad feeling from the beginning when you buy the module: immediate payment via Paypal, no confirmation, no download link, the file is deliver by e-mail 2 days later.
Won't install properly, no response from the developer after 3 e-mails...
Owner's reply

We were experiencing some problems with the delivery system at that time. Now it is fixed and extension is delivered immediately after payment.

byocaeymaex, December 15, 2009
AcyMailing Starter
Very clean, very professional, very well thought.
We're still busy setting it up for our business (templates, distribution lists, etc). It is so convincing I will be upgrading to the paying very soon, just for the sake of supporting the author.