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byoctavc, March 13, 2010
This is by far the best booking script I found.
First of all great support, previous version had some small bugs, but when I told Vince about that, not only he fixed those, but he also implemented about 5 of my ideas into the new version " just like that" without asking me extra, he just used my ideas and I was pleased to find them there.

The script kicks off lot of other booking scripts.
It just works.
Some design flaws here and there but hey what you expect from programmers :) .
The price you pay for the commercial version is not much, it is a fair price, I searched about a day for other similar scripts - they were either very expensive starting from 600 euro/site, or they weren't good.
byoctavc, August 25, 2008
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RD-Autos Single Dealer
I must say I was reluctant to use this component, but after i gave it a shot I was amazed how smooth it was. A plus for this component is that apart from being free, you don't get any advertisement for the creator of the component, like the other are doing - take out the footer but they insert the code into the title of the page or in the alt of the images.

I must say regarding the looks, it's the best I have ever seen so far. The one thing which must be worked out is the translation in English, which is not very good, but it works.

Also I found myself with some writing permissions when it comes to upload the images, I must first insert the car into the database save and close, then enter again to upload the images (on linux servers, on windows worked directly), maybe the editors should have placed an apply button to speed things up a little.

Also what I miss is the lack of modules for the 1.5.4 version - latest models, top rated , etc, a search form.

Overall, it's by far the best auto component I found so far, the guys are doing a good job, but it still needs some work.

Anyway thumbs up