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byodigokid, August 7, 2011
I just wanted to give this review on corephp in general and specifically jomCDN. I have several of the corephp modules (Wordpress, jPhoto, jomCDN, and CommunityACL) and I must say all are great modules.

I recently had an issue with jomCDN where one of my clients had a module that the thumbnail images didn't load properly from the CDN. I wanted to tweak the jomCDN module to not load those images. Anyway there was a thread explaining how to do it, and I made the code change.

In anycase, I made a mistake and couldn't figure out why the images were still being cached. So I issued a ticket and Andy helped me make the code change and get everything working like I wanted.

these guys are good and if you are have paying customers like me, you need a support system behind you when things go wrong, or you are dead in the water. You can be reassured that corephp won't let you down when you need them.

Thanks Andy!!!
byodigokid, April 13, 2011
this is my first review for any extension I have used, but I felt compelled to tell my story. After reading the other reviews, I decided to go Breeze forms for our churches online forms.

After reading a little and getting our first form on the site, I noticed an issue with all the data not being stored.

I put in a support ticket and Terry was great assisting me, logging in to my backend and then telling me all the issues that were wrong with my form as well as with my configuration.

I must say with all the features that breezeforms provides and then you add the valuable support that is available this is nothing less than 5 stars.

Thanks again Terry for your help and a great extension.