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byoffroadmedic, May 7, 2010
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p8pbb bridge light
Tried em all....RokBridge, Jfusion, Medhi's

$49.00 for the "pro"? Sometimes you just gotta buy something to save yourself hours/days of configuring. I've got too much other stuff that's more important.

My biggest issue was consistency with things like "dual login" and "utf-tools" yada, yada, yada. There was always something.

Installed and working in one hour with no errors
even using sh404sef!
even converted my Kunena forum without a hiccup

I'm done, don't have to play on the computer anymore tonight
....hading out to get the carne asada plate and a margarita.

See it working at too.
byoffroadmedic, January 17, 2009
The cats over at JFusion are doing their homework. This is the first time I HAD to post a good review and donate to a dev.

I had several J1.0 sites I wanted to combine into one big one
Now I am using 1.5.9 and needed to sync users with a new Vbulletin install. (3.8.0)....after using the wizard, I had all users syncd.

Then I went so far as to import an old FireBoard forum (using vBulletins Impex).... there was more new users from that!....a few tweaks on the setting and I have eveybody on the same site!

I always have problems, or errors, or spend 2 days configuring something to work with my sites. This one works right out the box.

Have a beer on me guys!