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This is exactly the sort of software which makes Joomla a fantastic technology. Easy and intuitive, we found it excellent!

Yesterday was a bleak day as we got Microsoft Office Live working on one machine, and hours later still non-sensical error messages spewing out. Today however after referring to the Joomla Extensions Directory we found Projectfork and both of us are fully functional and up and running after little more than 1 hour of installing and configuring.

Well done to all at Projectfork!
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I very rarely write reviews but felt this Joomla plugin deserves major accolade. As a relative Joomla newbie I find that the whole Joomla system is both amazing and also challenging in equal measures.

Sometimes you can very quickly do what you need to on a Joomla website saving a lot of programming time. Other times you are battling against nonsensical or no instructions with Joomla extensions, or difficult CSS styling issues thrown up by extensions not matching the styling which you have created.

This plugin however is an absolute joy, and not just because it quite simply works brilliantly. It is down to the programming skill of Andreas and also in equal measure the accompanying instructions which the majority of other extensions lack or try and charge support fees for (and even then the instructions are not as good as these). The instructions are simple, understandable, well laid out, and more importantly do not assume that the user knows fully how Joomla works.

Very well done A+++