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byondrejspilka, March 16, 2012
I started with VM2 four months ago, when I had chosen to be brave and use beta of VM2 for shop of my friends. Year ago I used VM1 and it was usefull, but customizing was a small hell.
Now I can say it was the best one decision. Since I'm OOP developer for 13 yrs it's easy for me to adopt MVC and plugin concepts. Even without programming knowledge it's easy to template the layout or buy one.

It is sooo easy to write plugins for everything (products, shipment, payment, marketing), templating could not be easier and is compeletely Joomla compliant.
What is very positive, while it's not commercial product support is almost 24/7 with good reaction times in the forum.

Versions gets better and better in stability, and VM2 is so complex while modular and flexible. Core is not of spaghetti code, just take a look.

The only one thing one must consider when choosing VM2 - old habits are gone.

And to be honest, I became VM2 developer this month. JED editors will consider if this review is "self promo" or not.
I don't think so, because I started as anybody other - normal VM2 user making shop for a friends...