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byone7media, March 3, 2009
This is so easy to use and so powerful at the same time.

I was having the infamous IE Operation Aborted error with a popular directory com. The problem was with .js files and domready. domready needed to be replaced with load, which fixed the problem, but I was going through what seemed like hundreds of .js files trying to find where the problem was.

I installed ReReplacer, set up a new item to search domready and replace with load, and my problem was instantly solved! The great thing is that I can uninstall it and my original files are still intact.

Awesome component - 10 stars from me for simple yet genious.
byone7media, February 7, 2008
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I don't know why it's not listed in the extension directory, but their new release of this is called XCloner and it's simply awesome.

Most of my sites are too big for Joompack (which I also recommend, just for smaller sites) and always time out. This is so sweet, and I haven't even tested out the Clone or Move features yet (will soon after client signs).

Highly recommended. I wish this was my first purchase a long time ago. Would have saved me loads of time and headaches.
byone7media, July 7, 2007
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I'd give it 10 stars if I could. I was looking for an extension to provide free classifieds for my shopping website. I decided to give AdsManager a shot...thank God I did! Easy install & config, very straight forward and does what is says.

The support is the best I've experienced. I'm going live in 3 days. I needed to tweak the links a little to behave the way I wanted them to. Don't know much about coding, so I shot Thomas an e-mail and literally within minutes I had a response with a solution.

Highly recommended if your looking for classifieds (can you tell I like it?) capability.

One Feature Request - I found a PayPal add-on in the forum, but would love to see Thomas integrate this with the main component!