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byonedsign, June 6, 2012
We use Smart icons on every fresh Joomla! installation. With this component we take care of the clutter of icons that Joomla! comes with. It's easy to give your cliënt a nice overview of there main options and remove the ones that won't be used often.

To improve this extension, it would be great to also adjust the Joomla! update and Extension update icons as well as the JCE File Browser.
byonedsign, June 6, 2012
RAXO All-mode PRO
We are using the RAXO All-mode Pro module for quite a while now and have to say that the module does it's work very well when configured the right way. It displays news in some well organised templates which we use often on a frontpage.

Some tips to improve the module is the support on templating and configuration. RAXO uses it's forum to help users with configuring problems but doens't include this in a main documentation part of the website. Therefor the step users have to take to ask for support is too big. Creating your own template still didn't work out for us when we tried to include files into the template directory.