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byonlysalam, December 17, 2010
PT Content Cleaner
I want to give your plugin (PT content cleaner) a very fair review,

Functionality: 100%
It works great with full or selective function

Install: 100%
Had no problems with installing it, it ran very smooth

Easy to use: 100%
It is very easy to use, no complexity, if you don't know anything about html (like me) then it is only a matter of to click simple buttons according to your need and you are good to go, if you know html then you are going to have a great fun with it cause you can manipulate it and get the best out of it, it is very powerful plugin

Compatibility: 100%
Joomla native, it is like any plugin in joomla, same idea, same base, powerful effect.

Did it work on my website? : 100%
Oh yeah, it worked great, I went from a messy website and miserable person to a neat website and very happy and excited person.

Price: 200%
The price is very affordable, very cheap, specially when you compare the work and effects of the PT content cleaner that it does on your website, you can't beat this deal.

Support: 300%
The reason I give it 300% on support is: because David (the developer) is amazing, he doesn't give up or get frustrated, he answered all my questions, replied to all my emails, he did even more than what he should or supposed to, trust worthy I gave him my admin login and my data base login so he can look at my website (cause I know nothing about programming) and he told me what is wrong with my website and why I had the problem before and explained everything for me in a very easy way and he uses salt and sugar a lot in his examples which even makes it fun and easier to understand!
I really want to thank you for that David. thank you very much.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Oh Yeah with no blink or hesitation.

Next for me: I am going to purchase the rest of the products that he has for 2 reasons: 1- as an appreciation for everything David did for me, 2- I need them on my website too

Hope this review can help anyone who stop by this website and looking for a content cleaner,

Oh and by the way, if you have articles on your website (or even products) this PT content cleaner can unify them all, kind of wearing same uniform (like no extra space, no extra lines, nothing) it reshape them properly so your website looks very professional made and neat,
Also if you have different writers (or bloggers) for your website, then you can control which tags you want to be displayed and which one not which comes very handy, and you don't have to do everything manually and you know you won't miss something,
In few words, it makes the website looks very professional and neat looking.

Again, thank you very much David for everything.