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byonofrio, June 21, 2012
Phoca Download
Really amazing component.

I suggest to everyone just to try and you never leave it for another one .....
byonofrio, June 20, 2012
Briefcase Factory
Easy to handle but with big limitations: * no possibilities to grant users to access only to specific category.
* no possibilities to create subcategories
* (last but not least) problem dowloading file bigger than 100 MB.

Support is quite good and well organized, but in any case the component doesn't fit our requirements
Owner's reply

We never stated that the current version can allow user limitations to specific categories, nor subcategories.

It would be more fair to post reviews that comment/describe existing features then to post a 1 star negative review due to some "missing' features we never claimed to provide. We are open to any feature requests or needed customizations, but we did not receive any message from you prior to this review.
Posting a 1 star review is totally in contradiction with your own statements "Easy to handle", "Support is quite good and well organized". Does that count for nothing ?
We are sorry that you hastly posted this review with just 1 star, clearly meaning to give us more then that.

Also the problems you mentioned with the downloading are a mixture of hosting-connection issues, since the code contains no limitations in this direction.