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byopik24, September 24, 2011
i tell u, this extension is very great. I saw the demos. and i found it very suitable for my site. and one that i look for this time.

just one thing. me with very lack of ability in creating database, found this beautiful extension to set on its parameter. though when i try to set on extension manager menu. even when i tried to read the documentations.

my suggestion to the developer, try to make more simple documentation. for comparation, let say, k2 and CB docs. they made it simple to understand and to applied for users like me...
Owner's reply


maybe you missed the documentation and/or the introduction vido? You simply add a new data storage and add the desired fields. No special database setup required, nor PHP. Or you use BreezingForms and let ContentBuilder operate directly on its data.

If you have further questions, please post it in our forums.

However, thank you for the review!


byopik24, August 18, 2011
i really thanks to you guys that makes this super awsome extensions

this is just what i'm looking for.

easy to sets the parameters

end yet give me the sollutions for adding videos on my site.

thanks you!!! :-D
byopik24, May 28, 2011
i guess this component was a best in this category. i used this component and found it very easy to install and to use. until i found strange problem when i tried to link my site from my mobile using opera. it goes to the main menu. but when i click the article i wont link. some error 403.
then i re-setting the menu and the parameters. i even create new category for this especial mobile menu for the articles. works fine on the mobile menu and template. but the link goes error once more if i go to the index page.

somehome the menu only works on sub-page of my page. if show the readcrumbs it goes:
home >> home

it tried again and again and again....still don't finallay i have to change my menu to make my site run on my way....(sigh)
byopik24, February 16, 2011
Blank Module
a must have module for custom module..
very easy and useful module..
I've used it for google docs (Form)

and its work just as i want it...

great job guys...
and thank u very much for this excellent extension
byopik24, February 10, 2011
I really want to say Thank You Very Much to the developer for this easy-outstanding plugin.
This is just as i'm looking for.
Easy to install, easy to set the parameter, easy to use.

Thanks guys....
byopik24, February 5, 2011
actually this component is excellent...i've used t on my site using joomla 1.5
But too bad...when i used this on joomla 1.6 it wont worked..
i try to install it 3 times on my joomla 1.6 sample site, but just found error and i can't link to my site. just after i installed this extension.
I just hope the developer will fixed the problem...
Owner's reply

uddeIM 2.2 is not full Joomla 1.6 compatible (it requires a special installer which is describes in the README and I do not recommend to use uddeIM 2.2 on Joomla 1.6).

You can download uddeIM 2.3rc archive from my dev page which contains a separate package for Joomla 1.6.

byopik24, September 2, 2010
Phoca Favicon
very good extension you must download. easy to install, easy to use. but yet, little advance for template that already have template.
many thanks for the extension and good works for the developer.
about a month ago i tried to install K2 on my localhost. it's 2.2 ver. well something happened. i couldn't save my submission neither can't cancel it.
So i came to the website ( and i tried to ask about my problems. too bad. this forum is just to busy so everyone busy with their own problom. i put my post in bugs forum. well i do have some answers but nothing solved.

I almost turned my eyes to another extension, until someday i recognized that i haven't yet ask simon. So then, i go to and gladfully i found my answer. and it solved. simon gave my the hack to solve the problem about the iframe, that makes me desperate. Thanks to Simon.

Now i'm using 2.3 vers. its not stable yet. but its works fine on my site.

so, if you want to use this great extension, u should also warn with the documentasion. and maybe you should ask simon to.