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byopt2bout, August 23, 2013
DT Register
The built in payment gateways is very nice and the custom forms are pretty flexible although other registration systems allow for specific forms to be created for each event. This product allows you to create all of the fields you might ever need, but then you have to disable the ones you don't need for each event.

The support is lacking since we originally deployed this product years ago. Several days or in one case weeks before a response was received.

They will offer to install the product for you when they have problems, but I recommend checking the community forums for faster assistance.
byopt2bout, July 29, 2012
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J!WHMCS Integrator
I've spent hours developing templates and trying to integrate 3rd party systems into Joomla. I love it when I can find something that is (1) functional, (2) affordable, and (3) actively supported that does a job I don't have to reinvent.

This integration or bridge does more than you think. The developer has addressed two distinct systems independently and still manages to provide you with the integration needed to meld the great features of Joomla with WHMCS. To me the best CMS and the best client/billing management program on the web is great...but having the ability to combine the two easily makes both products even better.

The installation is simple. You really don't have to do much but plan how you will display your WHMCS information inside Joomla.

Support from the developer is great. With knowledgeable staff--of both J! and WHMCS--they are able to address most any question I've ever had even if it wasn't directly related to their own product.

You can see the product in action on their own website...they use their own product.

Thanks for saving me hours of time!
byopt2bout, April 4, 2012 AIM payment gateway for Registration Pro
Had a small issue with the content being submitted to not being acceptable to but they won't really tell you what is happening.

This gateway has a DEBUG mode that let us see what was being exchanged and the author was able to quickly provide us with a work-around to get past the issue.
byopt2bout, March 8, 2012
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Core Design Glossary
This plugin is great. Anyone that uses a lot of terms or words that need to be highlighted automatically throughout the site should look at this tool.

I have been using my editor's caption tools to highlight words that give you that nice little ? (question) overlay and pop-up, but if you used a word or phrase more than once, it is a little tedious to use.

This tool allows you to easily create a category for glossary term articles, and anywhere that article's title is used elsewhere on your site, gives you a nice looking pop-up.

Lots of flexibility in defining options for display/appearance controls.

I did have to override one of the CSS styles for use with my template to bring the pop-up to the 'front' ... just a simple Z-index setting .cdglossary_tooltip { z-index: 1000; } was all.

Thanks for a great tool...any extensive content site should consider this. Its a great way to create cross-references as well.
byopt2bout, September 14, 2011
Real Preview for Joomla
I ran across this component totally by accident. Had it installed and ready to turn the project over to the client when I had a problem with another 3rd party admin template.

An email and literally minutes later I had a response and assistance and the problem was solved.

Sometimes I set up websites with article content already in place for a client. It isn't days before I am having to find the article in the backups and restore it after the formatting and layouts are accidentally overwritten by the client.

To prevent this, I would teach customers to always make copies of articles before editing them. The version control feature alone in this component is priceless and well worth the price. An excellent 2-for-1 offer!
byopt2bout, February 10, 2011
AutoTweet NG Pro
I've experimented with several of these, including tools that would pull (RSS) the feeds of my client's Joomla! sites to re-publish content to the social channels.

This app was the easiest to configure--even the more complicated option to brand your own Facebook API was well documented and allows for you to re-brand your service so when the post is made to Facebook, you get the post...via YOUR-APP so this is a great tool for developers that provide this as a service to their clients.

Support: I had a glitch and posted on the forum and received a quick response. A short interaction later on the forums (almost in real-time!) he identified the problem.

For anyone who wants to eliminate the need to re-port or use 3rd party applications like Hootsuite, etc. this component is a must.

There are no modifications to the basic Joomla! article content system, and the plugin can be configured to read tags and direct to specific twitter or facebook channels accordingly. The K2 plugin makes this compatible with one of the best CCK options as well.
byopt2bout, August 31, 2009
Ozio Gallery
Yes, there are lots of gallery components and plugins out there, but this is the first that I've run across with as many options. The author has taken the time to integrate different stand-alone flash products into a single, easy to set up and managed solution.

I like the fact that, at least with the Tilt viewer, that we can opt to purchase the commercial versions of some of the gallery components. This helps to support the technology as well as give us an option to tie together everything in a professional presentation.

I would like to be able to opt-in with the author to purchase a non-branded solution for the overall Ozio component. You do have to dance a little jig to try and get the layout where the fixed tag line is just right.

I would also like to see some options with non-flash alternatives in case the visitor is on a mobile device (can you say iPhone?) that doesn't support flash. I have worked around this, but it may be a simple parameter that could be programmed to test for a flash capable browser and opt for a different non-flash display.