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byopusprime, December 26, 2013
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
Be very careful buying this plugin. It requires some work to get installed and running, and even then will still leave you with some challenges.

I could not get the plugin to install correctly, and neither could the CorePHP developers. I was able to finally get it working, but only by hacking through various URL's and finally getting into the WP admin console. Now I find myself having to make change some settings directly in the database, like the Author of posts, because it appears that function has been removed from this version of WP. Also having issues with the links on the blog pages not being correctly formed URL's. At this point I'm writing this purchase off as a loss and just going back to using standard Joomla articles for the blog.

The plus side of the plugin is the ability to pickup the site look and feel for your blogs. That part is working great.