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byorlandomike, July 13, 2010
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Pro Image Flow
Documentation for this just includes long hand typed paths and instructions that you do manually. I have found nothing automatic about this. No way to add a folder and poof, becomes displayed images with light box as the description suggests. It's all done, if it works at all, by coding. For instance to create one with certain dimensions, you might include 600/250 in your own hand typed instruction line. There is no form you simple fill out to make it more mistake proof and to accomplish it without alot of study. There is no way to have any presentation up in minutes. I tried adding pictures. that also failed. Very little documentation. Purchased that and the banner program,which to my fault didnt realize it was just for (duh) banners at the top of a webpage. So wasted money on both programs. Will try something free. Disappointing.
Owner's reply

You have to be either stupid or malicious to write such a review. In fact, this review is a rant, not a honest point of view.
If adding images is the biggest mystery for this user, it's no wonder that he will never find an extension that is up to his expectations.
It is also disappointing to hear someone complain about something they don't know how to do, yet never ask for help. More than that, we have exchanged over 10 emails with this person, explaining step by step everything he needed to know, but this review was sent prior his support questions.
As our reviews below prove, most of our users are happy and satisfied with our product interface and ease of use.