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byoskar_g, August 19, 2011
JCH Optimize
After 5 years of developing websites based on Joomla! CMS, after thousands and thousands hours wasted to SEO, SEF and code optimisation, after tested and used all major Joomla! extension and thousands those less important, I have right to say that JCH Optimizer is ONE OF TOP 5 Joomla! extension. Just for record, ySlow grade on some of my sites where I had need to install and use that kind of extension is dramatically jumps up from grade "E" and to "A" and "B".
byoskar_g, September 8, 2009
I agree, this is very usefull extension, on some servers and some condition. On free hosting servers there is no way to force this extension to work. And suport for other extension is uncomplete. Forums are overloaded with asking for help for this extension. I made 12 sites, and they working more than exelent, afret instalig of sh400SEF, they been crushed, at least they did not worked well. But, who I´m I to judge, I´m just simple and small joomla user!