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byosmosisinc, March 24, 2014
VM Mass Update
I have used Globacide Solutions for both of their fine products and I always end up with satisfied clients and quality work.

In this case with the Mass Update for VirtueMart, the software really is a must have for stores that have a ton of products. On my client's store, they have many small products that sell for just a few dollars instead of a few products that are expensive. This means that updating the products through the standard VirtueMart store interface is a very big chore. On standard Virtumart, one must go to each product individually and make your change.

Say you wanted to change your price by 20%. That would be a nightmare without Mass Update. WITH Mass Update it is only a few clicks! Without it would take a few days to accomplish this and you would have too open every single product and change it.

But that's not all! I had an issue with the software where I had a setting wrong ELSEWHERE on the site that caused a conflict with the Mass Update. Globacide had me up and running within MINUTES!!!! It was awesome.

In the many years I have been working with Joomla, I have run into developers that I would consider great and I have run into very few developers that are even better than great. That's Globacide, better than great. I get compliments when I deploy their software, they fix issues without hesitation, and they are friendly and helpful.

If you have a bunch of products in your VirtueMart store and you want to allow for the swift editing of these products em masse, this is the best way to do it.
RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
RuposTel’s One Page Checkout immediately solved all support issues from users trying to navigate the VirtueMart standard checkout. No more complaints, no more confused check-outs, and way fewer dropped carts. Every user complaint about our (native VM one page) checkout process was solved by the features in RuposTel One Page Checkout.

It also gives you deep integration to Google Analytics allowing you to closely analyze conversion rates, sales trends and a million more data points.

Another nice feature is the array of prebuilt checkouts built-in. Along with a back-end CSS editor, make new themes and edit the themes already installed and you have a native check-out experience that your users will love.

In addition, I noticed some weird behavior and Stan already had a patch to fix this small issue.

Great software from a talented and helpful developer. Must Have.
byosmosisinc, September 7, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
A client I am working with has an online store that I am rebuilding. One of the major challenges in this project is that the product categories frequently have over 100 items in it. We show a good size thumbnail in VirtueMart Category Browse page and this causes requests and data to go off the charts as you can imagine.

Enter Lazy Load for JOOMLA. I installed and pretty much instantly had a great lazy-load going on for everything in Joomla and every extension installed. I had VM installed, tons of other extensions, and it just worked right out of the box.

Now, we are pleased that customers are not having to wait for a long load to see even the first images show up. As they are needed the images fade in nicely.

If you are optimizing your site for performance (mandatory for sites with decent traffic) Lazy Load for Joomla should absolutely be a tool in your kit.
Owner's reply

Nice, thank you very much for your review!

byosmosisinc, August 22, 2013
VM Affiliate
I love this extension for an e-commerce store. It can be used on other types of sites as well to drive traffic, but I use it for e-commerce. It is easy to use and very, very powerful.

I used it on one site, and I had a huge blogger in the category compliment the affiliate interface saying that VM Affiliate was the nicest and most powerful affiliate dashboard they had ever used. This is a site that sees more than 10,000 uniques a month, and that affiliate marketer had used ALL of the big affiliate marketing dashboards. She said ours was the nicest!

I am about to use it again for another client who has a ton of traffic and sales. But there can always be improvement in sales and this is a great way to do it!

I found VM Affiliate easy to use on the back-end. And even when I got a little confused I found the support swift and amazingly helpful.

One great feature which I love, love, love is the auto-generation of ads based on products from VM. This is a great time-saver. You can still design regular art banners, but with the automatically generated text ads, you get a bunch of ready to roll ads right out of the gate! That saves a bunch of time for sure. I am not sure that any other affiliate program comes close to this ease of use.

Another thing I found this extension helpful for was to provide additional tracking for ads in the wild that are not specifically tied to an affiliate. Say one is doing banner swaps or banner ads elsewhere. One may use the codes form VM Affiliate to provide excellent tracking of the value of the placement. One can easily see if a banner is not performing. This is above and beyond any analytics one might have or reports from vendors. One may not trust the reports from other people, but VM Affiliate will be straight forward with the performance.

All in all, this is an excellent extension with professionals to back it up. I know that when my clients need the most robust affiliate system, I look nowhere else and just get the best: VM Affiliate.
byosmosisinc, August 12, 2013
I have been using Breezing Forms for many years now. I have tried them all, and I just keep coming back to Breezing. There are a number of reasons why:

1) I have not needed much support from them as the software is well written. But when I do the response is fast, professional and courteous.

2) This is professional level software. This is not for those who need a simple contact form (although it can do that as well). This software is capable of so much more than just a simple form. I have used if for complex applications, accepting payments, conditional fields, you name it.

3) Crosstec has been with the community for-ev-er. This is not a new company, nor are these folks new to Joomla. They have been in since the beginning. I personally have watched them grow, but they always have been professional and competent providers with superior support.

4) Not to be too salesy--- but--- this is the first and perhaps ONLY lifetime subscription to ANYTHING I have ever purchased. Why? Because I know that they are not going anywhere, since they have been with us such a long time now. Also because of the quality work. Additionally, I do work in WordPress, and Crossec provides allot of the same functionality (including 100% of Breezing Forms) for WordPress. Why have two different systems? I use Breezing Forms on both and not have to worry about learning a bunch of other forms systems.

They have a lite version somewhere, You should try it. If you need something robust and capable use Breezing Forms. You will not regret it.

For frame of reference, I have been using Joomla since version 1.5 and I have made dozens of sites with it. From complicated ecommerce sites to simple sites, to blog sites and many more. I am a good designer and a decent front-end coder, but do not write PHP from scratch and struggle with back-end scripting. CrossTec and Breezing Forms makes my life easier by far.
byosmosisinc, March 24, 2010
Emails for VirtueMart
I had a specific store problem that caused me to have to answer the phone allot. A simple note in a status email would have done he trick, but I was not excited about tweaking the core for such a simple thing.

Although this mod tweaks the core, it backs things up nice and tidy. And you know what? It solved my problem, and now I can further tweak my emails for marketing purposes.

Low overhead, excellent support (I had a problem with the Emails Manager interfering with a local ordering and updating system). These guys tightened the situation up in a matter of days.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this wonderful review. You are always welcome :)
InteraMind team

byosmosisinc, December 19, 2009
This thing helps me obsess over visitors on a plane which I thought would be maniacal.

Tools for the obsessive. Observe the users down to the Nth degree. I love it. Easy to install and use too! The Backup might suck, but I think maybe it's worth it.
byosmosisinc, December 4, 2009
Smart Flash Header
This is a great Flash Header Solution. Flexible enough to look great, powerful enough to sway customers to make a purchase. I love this extension. I made a noob type mistake in my config, and support help me fixed it right away! So excellent component, great support, what else could you ask for?