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The J!Dump system allows you to view not only your development properties but also methods. It quickly becomes the Joomla Developer's Chief Information officer
byotuyelu, November 21, 2008
Akeeba Backup
First Great Thanks to the Geoffrey C, Dale Brackin, Niko Winckel, and Nicholas Dionysopoulos, for this tremendeously useful package. Backup and now Recovery using the "kickstart" feature is manageable. One little undocumented feature is that you can build a base install create a copy of the whole install with JoomlaPack, run a restore to another site make modifications and voila you now have 2 Joomla installs with all the components and settings of the original without having to redo the whole process. When you are building several Joomla installs with similar requirements or simply testing out a new extension JoomlaPack saves a lot of time.
Thanks once again to the team
byotuyelu, September 12, 2008
Okay prior to getting this extension, managing directories and files was a pain as Webserver created files had seperate ownership from my login account. With this i get to not only move files quickly but change permissions recursively in less time.

Great work!