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byouterspace, May 24, 2009
It installed painlessly, and within five minutes I was rotating two Flash banners in a module position. Nice one!

My only gripe is that the module doesn't Validate when Flash content is used. I use Flash content a lot, so I realise how difficult it is to get it to validate, but it's definitely possible, using the Flash Satay method or similar. Minor detail, I know, but some people take their validation seriously... (a bit too seriously, some would say.)
Owner's reply

My problem is, that i do not know posibilties to load flash in all browsers without breaking the xhtml. I searched for a solution over the web, but most sites say: You have to use that buggy methods to support all browsers. If you know methods and sites, that can load flash without breaking xhtml > please write me an email. Thank you very much.

byouterspace, May 6, 2009
mavik Thumbnails
It's standard on every site I build now. Thank you!!
byouterspace, October 2, 2008
Thanks for this Sean

One mistake I made was over-zealously clicking the 'save' button, though; for some reason it created another SWmenu module, which of course conflicted and gave me fatal PHP errors. Easy enough to fix, just had to turn one off in the Module Manager, but thought I should mention it anyway in case anyone else does the same by mistake!

Thanks again though
byouterspace, June 8, 2008
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Ozio Gallery
Nice and easy, took approximately 43 seconds to get it running. Whoo!

Like someone else said it would be nice to have the FLA file, but since the actual tiltviewer itself is from these guys-
-and they also want to sell the Pro version without the logo, well, I can't really complain.

Nice one!