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byoutlawserenade, May 21, 2009
Article Lister
Echoing to what everybody else have said, it works, it lists the articles I want to be listed in one page. My personal 'complaint' is that it can't break the articles into two (or more) columns - I've an ongoing project that will increase the number of articles after a while, and a mighty long vertical list looks rather unattractive on my page. And knowing the type of visitors I would end up with, continuing the list to another page will result with the page 2 not being viewed out of (their) laziness.

So yes, allow it to break into columns, please?

Thanks and keep up the good work!
byoutlawserenade, August 10, 2008
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Ozio Gallery
I have tried several other galleries, one of which has categorizing options - and my client have uploaded several categories containing several hundred photos - only to find that the template he'd chosen would not display the gallery. I wanted to throw up - picturing the job of reuploading and re-categorizing pictures into another gallery.

Nonetheless, I installed OzioGallery (which I'd installed for another client who has flickr gallery) and out of curiosity, I went to the developer's page to see if they have anything on categorizing pictures. Lo and behold: there's instruction on their front page on how to categorize pictures. After simply moving the pictures into ozio's folder and copying the gallery.php files, my gallery was up, working, *and* categorized!

The Flickr integration also works perfectly with only minute tweaks. I am using it in my personal site and am enjoying its ease of use and config. I love it. And in the name of all webGods, I will use this extension faithfully. =)