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byouttherechris, October 3, 2014
Responsive Scroll Triggered Box for Joomla!
Very useful and well made. Works straight out of the box with the most important options. Support has been fast and effective. Thanks!
byouttherechris, September 18, 2014
aikon YouTube Video Background
Nice video module that's easy to use and works right out of the box.
First class support that's friendly and efficient. Thanks guys!
byouttherechris, September 15, 2014
Aikon Super Preloader
If your web site isn't loading instantly, this excellent plugin will make the experience much nicer for your end user. (It's shocking how long a couple of seconds can be with a potential client watching).

The plugin does what it says, works perfectly and has a lot of display options.

Support is first class, fast and efficient.

Highly recommended!
byouttherechris, September 8, 2014
aikon Smooth Scroll
Nice job and works well out of the box.
Support is excellent, a fast and efficient service. Thanks!
byouttherechris, August 16, 2014
Aikon Easy Parallax
Very nice, easy to use parallax solution for any Joomla site. Worked straight out of the box, had a few questions and the support was exceptional, fast friendly and effective.
Works very well with their smooth scroll plugin which is free!
Highly recommended.
byouttherechris, July 25, 2014
JUX Social Stream
Great module, had a couple of issues and the support was fast and efficient. Now working like a charm. Thanks!
byouttherechris, June 19, 2014
ACL Manager
Excellent ACL manager, highly recommended. Great time saver and simplifies the ACL management so it's no longer a headache.
Thanks for a very professional product and the friendly and effective support! 10 out of 10!
byouttherechris, June 9, 2014
Sample Profiles
Thanks for a very useful module. Support was immediate and effective, ran into a small issue and Adrien fixed it straight away.
Now working perfectly. Loaded with features. First class and highly recommended!
byouttherechris, April 19, 2014
Community Quiz
First class product and service. Thanks Maverik!
The best quiz for Joomla I have used yet, very professional component easy install and working straight out of the box. Intuitive to use, unlike some, with loads of options to create awesome an quiz! If your looking for a top quality fully featured quiz then this is the one.
byouttherechris, March 29, 2014
Nice and easy to set up a quiz, quick as well. Nice looking quiz by default and easy to customize. Support has been responsive and effective.
byouttherechris, February 6, 2014
Extended Admin Menu Pro
An excellent solution to admin menu control, certainly the best I have tried on the JED so far. Great value and the support has been excellent. Thanks!
byouttherechris, June 29, 2013
Skype AJAX Status
Nice solid module with fast and responsive support. I installed on a J3x and works perfectly. Thanks
byouttherechris, May 14, 2013
XTC Timeline
A great looking timeline that's easy to use with first class support. Powerful, flexible and beautiful. Highly recommended if your looking for a quality timeline component for your website. Thanks!
byouttherechris, April 8, 2013
A simple to use and set up captcha plugin that has loads of customization & security level settings that is easy and pleasant to use for the end user. Using it on several sites without any issues though the support from these guys is first class, friendly and effective. Thanks!
byouttherechris, March 27, 2013
Responsive Background Slideshow
Nice page background image module. Useful that you can use a pattern or seamless texture as background also, great feature. Nice Ken Burns effect (some photos almost appear 3D) Support has been timely, friendly and effective.
Thanks guys at Extro Media. Nice job!
byouttherechris, March 27, 2013
OS Property
Worked on a Joomla 3.0.3 without a glitch, fully featured and looking good without any customization. Excellent value for money compared to the competition and fast / friendly support! Thanks for an excellent component!
byouttherechris, March 27, 2013
This has been a joy to work with, must be the easiest Joomla gallery component to use to date, perfect for clients to add their own galleries. The themes are high quality and responsive as is the excellent support I received.
Highly recommended! Thanks Joom United. Great job!
byouttherechris, March 24, 2013
Powerful responsive slider with loads of options and first class support if you have any issues or questions. Has worked straight out the box for me on several sites. Highly recommended!
byouttherechris, March 24, 2013
SJ Responsive Content
Great responsive content module, easy to use and support was fast and friendly. Highly recommended!
byouttherechris, March 24, 2013
Very nice looking quiz and easy to set up, had a small issue on J3 install but support was there to fix in a fast and responsive manner. Highly recommended if your looking for a quality quiz with sterling support. Thanks WebKul
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